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Buccaneers U10 Connacht Rugby Blitz

published:Mar  30   2015

Buccaneers U10 Connacht Rugby Blitz Match report Sat 21st March 2015

Having successfully hosted the Under 11 Connacht Blitz the previous week, it was Buccaneers turn to travel and the Under 10’s made their way to the hospitality of Ballina for the Under 10 Connacht Blitz this Sat. 19 Players travelled and Buccs fielded 2 teams Buccs Red and Buccs Green.

Buccaneers RED

Buccs Red had mixed fortunes on the day and managed a draw and unfortunately lost 2 matches. The lads suffered on the day with injuries, as Brian Mulvihill took an unlucky blow to his chin in the second match and could take no further part in proceedings. The lads lost Diarmuid Murtagh for part of the second match and third match when he injured his hand as a player stood on it by accident. Niall Tallon also was carrying an illness and had to finish up in the third match shortly after start of the second half, so continuity was difficult and the team worked hard but just never fired quite right.

In the first match they faced Westport reds and controlled most of the possession in the first half and managed to get the opening score when Than McKay was available on the wing when the ball came out off a ruck formed close to Westport’s line to get over the line. In the second half Westport’s centre made a break but was hauled to ground by Niall Tallon but he offloaded and the receiver broke 2 tackles to score and snatch back a draw. The game finished 1-1.

In the second game Buccs faced Claremorris Green, who had just beaten the Buccs Green team on the other pitch. The Pirates knew who the danger man was and had their sights on young Liam from Claremorris, but in spite of closing down their many attacks, Liam managed to break through in the corner right on half time to give them a 1-0 lead. In the second half he scored again when he broke down the left wing and only Brian Mulvihill could match him for pace, but the Claremorris lad’s strength allowed him to shrug off the tackle and keep going to run the length of the pitch and get his second try. Buccs managed to claw one back after Tallon acting as scrum half popped back the ball under his legs back to Oisin Flynn who came on to the ball at pace and crashed through the Claremorris defence for Buccs only try. Game finished Buccs Red-1 Claremorris Green -2.

In their last game Buccs Red met the other Claremorris team Claremorris red and Claremorris had the more attacking play but Buccs managed to keep them out  with some great defence, especially when James Clarke and Than McKay drove out the Claremorris winger into touch just before the try line after he who broke down the line and skipped through 2 early tackles, preventing a certain score. The Midland lads had some opportunities, but couldn’t execute the final pass to get over the line and when Claremorris did breakthrough and get their try, Buccs couldn’t find a reply and the game closed out 1-0 to Claremorris.

Buccaneers Red Team: Niall Tallon, James Clarke, Hugo Lennon, Oisin Flynn, Matthew Dillon, Oisin Byrne, Brian Mulvihill, Diarmuid Murtagh and Than McKay

Buccaneers Green

The Buccaneers Green team had a better day of things and grew into their 3 matches, losing the first game to the formidable Claremorris Green team by 4 tries to 2. It was Buccs who got the scoring underway when Buccs drove up to the Claremorris line through Conor Sheehan with Jon Ganly on his shoulder, but when they were held up the recycled ball found its way to Eloise Clarke, who drove through 3 players to get over the try line and the first half finished 1-0 to Buccs. Right on the whistle of 2nd half, Liam from Claremorris, just introduced at half time, ran right through the Buccs lacklustre defence and straight over to score on his own and level the game. He scored again moments later to make it 2-1 proving to be the main difference between the 2 sides and the main play maker for Claremorris. George Kearney took the ball off the ruck on the left side and ran right across the width of the pitch to score in the right corner and level the game. Claremorris scored again twice more just before the close of the game with the last score into the corner coming from the devastating Liam to give them the win 4-2.

Buccs Green team fared out much better in their second game against the other Claremorris Red team. George Kearney got the scoring off again for Buccs and Conor Sheehan got the second for Buccs, but Claremorris came back with 2 tries of their own to draw level at half time. In the second half Buccs got over the try-line 4 times with tries from Conor Sheehan, Eloise Clarke, Ewan Joyce and Oisin Dolan. Claremorris came back with 2 of their own, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Midland lads claiming their victory 4-2.

In their last game Buccs Green were up against Castlebar and it was the performance of the day as they really fired as a team, moving the ball well along their lines, protecting their own ball in the rucks and running with support players on the breaks, combined with individual strong breaks through the defence lines. The Buccs managed to get over the line 7 times and kept Castlebar scoreless. Try scorers were Conor Sheehan, Conn O’Hara, Ewan Joyce, Oisin Dolan and Eloise Clarke with 2 tries coming from George Kearney. Gabriel Murphy, Andrew Warde, Jon Ganly and Dillon Connolly made some great defensive tackles to keep Castlebar scoreless. The overall player of the tournament was undoubtedly Eloise Clarke, who tackled, rucked and passed the ball with intensity and commitment throughout the games and contributing to the overall success of the team on the day.

Buccaneers Green: Ewan Joyce, Andrew Warde, Conn O’Hara, Gabriel Murphy, Dillon Connolly, Eloise Clarke, Connor Sheehan, Jon Ganly, George Kearney.