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Oct. 7        Galwegians                             (H)        15.00               Q

Oct. 28      NUI Galway                             (H)        15.00               LL

Nov. 4        St. Mary’s College                 (A)        15.00               LL

Nov. 11      Dublin University                   (H)        14.30              LL

Nov. 25      Old Belvedere                        (A)        14.30               LL

Dec. 2         Greystones                           (H)        14.00              LL

Dec. 9         Galwegians                            (H)        14.00              LL

(Note:- The qualifer match v Galwegians now stands as the home

league fixture so the Dec. 9th game will now not take place, but

the result 32-29 win by Buccs stands)


Jan. 20        Old Wesley                             (H)        14.30               LL

Jan. 27        NUI Galway                             (A)        14.30               LL

Feb. 10       St. Mary’s College                 (H)        15.00               LL

Feb. 17       Dublin University                   (A)        15.00               LL

Mar. 3        Old Belvedere                         (H)        15.00               LL

Mar. 24      Greystones                             (A)        15.00               LL

Mar. 31      Galwegians                             (H)        15.00               LL

Apr. 7         Old Wesley                             (A)        15.00               LL


LL = J.P.Fanagan Leinster U-20 League.  Q = League qualifier.

BUCCANEERS First XV Fixtures 2018-19


Aug. 25            Ballina                                     (A)        CSL     

Sep. 1              Sligo                                        (H)        CSL     

Sep. 8              Galwegians                             (H)      CSL                             

Sep. 15            Corinthians                             (A)        CSL                 

Oct. 6              Naas                                        (H)        AIL

Oct. 13            Banbridge                               (A)        AIL                  

Oct. 20            Old Wesley                             (H)        AIL

Oct. 27            Ballynahinch                           (A)        AIL       Halloween

Nov. 3             Malone                                    (H)        AIL

Nov. 17           Connacht Cup semi-final                   CSC

Nov. 24           St. Mary’s College                 (A)        AIL

Dec. 1              City of Armagh                      (H)        AIL

Dec. 8              Old Belvedere                        (A)        AIL

Dec. 15            Ballymena                               (H)        AIL


Jan. 5               Connacht Cup final v Corinthians at Dubarry Park 2 pm

Jan. 12             Bateman Cup semi-final

Jan. 19             Ballymena                               (A)        AIL

Jan. 26             Old Belvedere                        (H)        AIL

Feb. 16            City of Armagh                      (A)        AIL

Feb. 23            St. Mary’s College                 (H)        AIL      

Mar. 2              Malone                                    (A)        AIL      

Mar. 9              Ballynahinch                           (H)        AIL

Mar. 23            Old Wesley                             (A)        AIL

Apr. 6              Banbridge                               (H)        AIL

Apr. 13            Naas                                        (A)        AIL

Apr. 20            Bateman Cup final                                          Easter

Apr. 27            AIL Semi-final

May. 4             AIL Final


AIL = All-Ireland League; CSL = Connacht Senior League;

CSC = Connacht Senior Cup.





Aug. 19            Corinthians                             (A)                    CSL     

Aug. 25            Sligo                                        (H)                    CSL      Friday

Sep. 2              Galwegians                             (H)                    CSL                             

Sep. 9                                                             

Sep. 16            Lansdowne                             (H)                    UBL                 

Sep. 23            Garryowen                             (A)                    UBL     

Sep. 30            Young Munster                      (H)                    UBL

Oct. 7              Clontarf                                  (A)                    UBL

Oct. 28            Dublin University                   (H)                    UBL     

                        Bank Holiday

Nov. 4             Terenure College                   (A)                    UBL

Nov. 11           Cork Constitution                 (H)                    UBL     

Nov. 25           University College Dublin     (H)                    UBL

Dec. 2              St. Mary’s College                 (A)                    UBL

Dec. 9              St. Mary’s College                 (H)                    UBL


Jan. 6               Cork Constitution                 (A)                    UBL

Jan. 27             University College Dublin     (A)                    UBL

Feb. 3              Terenure College                   (H)                    UBL

Feb. 17            Dublin University                   (A)                    UBL     

Mar. 3              Clontarf                                  (H)                    UBL                 

Mar. 24            Young Munster                      (A)                    UBL

Apr. 7              Garryowen                             (H)                    UBL

Apr. 14            Lansdowne                             (A)                    UBL

Apr. 28            Semi-final

May. 5             Final


UBL = Ulster Bank League; UBC = Ulster Bank Cup; CSL = Connacht Senior League;

CSC = Connacht Senior Cup; F = Friendly.




Sep. 17            Sligo                                        (A)        JL1A

Sep. 24            Monivea                                  (H)        JL1A

Oct. 8              Ballinasloe                              (A)        JL1A

Oct. 14            Galwegians                             (H)        JL1A                

Nov. 5             Ballina                                     (A)        JL1A

Nov. 19           Westport                                (H)        JL1A

Nov. 26           Connemara                             (A)        JL1A

Dec. 3              Connemara                             (H)        JL1A

Dec. 10            Monivea                                  (A)        JL1A


Jan. 7               Ballinasloe                              (H)        JL1A

Jan. 14             Cup                                                      JC

Jan. 20             Galwegians                             (A)        JL1A                

Jan. 28             Westport                                (A)        JL1A

Feb. 4              Cup quarter-final                               JC

Feb. 25            Ballina                                     (H)        JL1A

Mar. 4              Sligo                                        (H)        JL1A

Mar. 11            Cup semi-final                         JC

Mar. 25            Cup final                                             JC


JL1A = Connacht Junior League, Division 1A. JC = Connacht Junior Cup 





Sep. 24                        Old Wesley                           (H)        LL         15.00

Oct. 15                        NUI Galway                          (A)        LL         15.00

Oct. 22                        Old Wesley                           (A)        LL         15.00

Nov. 5                         Old Belvedere                       (H)        LL         14.30

Nov. 12                       Greystones                           (A)        LL         14.30

Nov. 26                       Suttonians                            (H)        LL         14.30

Dec. 3                          Dublin University Seconds  (A)        LL         14.00


Jan. 21                         Maynooth University/Barnhall (H)   LL       14.30

Jan. 28                         NUI Galway                           (H)        LL         14.30

Feb. 11                        Maynooth University/Barnhall  (A)   LL         15.00

Feb. 18                        Old Belvedere                       (A)        LL         15.00

Mar. 4                          Greystones                           (H)        LL         15.00

Mar. 11                        Suttonians                            (A)        LL        15.00  


LL = J.P.Fanagan Leinster U-20 League. Q = League qualifier.




Sep. 3              Galwegians                             (H)        CUP

Sep. 10            Ballinasloe                              (A)        CUP

Sep. 24            Castlebar                                (H)        CUP final

Oct. 14            Ballinasloe                              (H)        CL    Floodlit 19.30

Oct. 22            Tuam                                       (A)        CL

Nov. 5             Galwegians                             (A)        CL

Nov. 19           NUI Galway                             (H)        CL


Jan. 7               Castlebar                                (H)        CL

Jan. 21             Carrick-On-Shannon               (A)        CL

Feb. 4              Semi-finals

Feb. 18            Final   


CUP = Connacht Womens Invitational Cup. CL = Connacht Womens League.





Sep. 4              Tuam                                  (a)        CUP

Sep. 11            Castlebar                           (h)        CUP

Sep. 18            Carrick-on-Shannon           (a)        CUP

Oct. 2              Galwegians Seconds         (h)        CUP

Oct. 9              Cup & Plate finals

Oct. 23            Galwegians                        (h)        CL

Oct. 30            Castlebar                          (h)        CL

Nov. 13           Tuam                                  (a)        CL

Nov. 20           Carrick-on-Shannon          (h)        CL


Jan. 15             N.U.I.Galway                     (h)        CL

Jan. 29             Galwegians                       (a)        CL

Feb. 5              Castlebar                          (a)        CL

Feb. 26            Tuam                                 (h)        CL

Mar. 5              Carrick-on-Shannon         (a)        CL

Mar. 19            N.U.I.Galway                    (a)        CL

Mar. 26            League final               


CUP = Connacht Womens Invitational Cup. CL = Connacht Womens League.



Sep. 25            Old Belvedere            (a)                    Q        

Oct. 2              U.C.D.                          (h)                    Q

Oct. 9              St. Mary’s College     (h)                    Q

Oct. 16            Greystones                (h)                    LL

Oct. 23            Old Wesley                 (a)                    LL

Nov. 6             Suttonians                  (h)                    LL

Nov. 20           N.U.I.Galway               (a)                    LL

Nov. 27           Naas                            (a)                    LL

Dec. 4              M.U.Barnhall               (h)                    LL


Jan. 15             Old Belvedere            (h)                    LL

Jan. 22             Greystones                (a)                    LL

Jan. 29             Old Wesley                 (h)                    LL

Feb. 12            Suttonians                  (a)                    LL

Feb. 19            N.U.I.Galway               (h)                    LL

Mar. 5              Naas                            (h)                    LL

Mar. 12            M.U.Barnhall               (a)                    LL


LL = J.P.Fanagan Leinster U-20 League, Division 2. Q = League qualifier.



Aug. 20            Galway Corinthians               (h)      CSL     

Aug. 27            Sligo                                        (a)      CSL     

Sep.3               Galwegians                            (a)       CSL                            

Sep. 17            Ballynahinch                           (a)       UBL     

Sep. 24            Shannon                                  (h)       UBL                 

Oct. 1              Naas                                        (a)       UBL     

Oct.  8             University College Cork        (h)       UBL

Oct. 29           Dolphin                                    (a)       UBL      

Nov. 5             U.L.Bohemian                          (h)        UBL     

Nov. 12           Old Wesley                             (a)        UBL

Nov. 18           Galwegians                             (h)        UBL      Friday 7.30.

Dec. 3              Ballymena                               (a)       UBL


Jan. 28             Ballymena                               (h)       UBL

Feb. 3              Galwegians                             (a)       UBL      Friday 7.30.

Feb. 11            Old Wesley                             (h)        UBL      K.O. 4.30p.m.

Feb. 18            U.L.Bohemian                          (a)        UBL

Mar. 4              Dolphin                                   (h)        UBL                 

Mar. 11            University College Cork        (a)        UBL

Mar. 25            Naas                                        (h)        UBL

Apr. 8              Shannon                                  (a)        UBL

Apr. 15            Ballynahinch                           (h)        UBL     

Apr. 22            Semi-final

May. 6             Final

UBL = Ulster Bank League; UBC = Ulster Bank Cup; CSL = Connacht Senior League;

CSC = Connacht Senior Cup; F = Friendly.

2.30 p.m. kickoffs except Nov.18, Feb.3 & Feb.11.



Sep. 18            Ballinasloe                  (h)                   JL1A    

Sep. 25            N.U.I.Galway               (a)                   JL1A                           

Oct. 2              Ballina                        (h)                    JL1A                

Oct. 16            Monivea                      (h)                   JL1A    

Oct. 23            Galwegians                 (a)                   JL1A                           

Nov. 6             Westport                    (h)                     L1A    

Nov. 27           Ballinasloe                  (a)                    JL1A

Dec. 4              N.U.I.Galway               (h)                   JL1A

Dec. 11            Ballina                         (a)                   JL1A                            


Jan. 8               Monivea                      (a)                    JL1A

Jan. 15             Round One                                          JC

Jan. 22             Round Two                                         JC

Jan. 29             Quarter-final                                      JC

Feb. 5              Semi-final                                            JC

Feb. 12            Connemara                 (a)                    JL1A  

Feb. 19            Galwegians                 (h)                    JL1A                

Feb. 26            Westport                    (a)                    JL1A

Mar. 5              Connemara                 (a)                    JL1A

Mar. 26            Junior Cup final                                  JC


JL1A = Connacht Junior League, Division 1A. JC = Connacht Junior Cup

BUCCS Senior Cup semi-final v Sligo OFF

SLIGO are unable to field this weekend so Connacht Senior Cup semi-final scheduled for Dubarry Park this Saturday is now off. Buccaneers are looking for a friendly but, especially with pitches everywhere taking a hammering due to the deluges of rain, it is unlikely that a game will take place. Meanwhile, weather permitting, the following matches will take place:- 

BUCCANEERS U-20s are also at home where they take on Blackrock College in the J.P.Fanagan Leinter U-20 League Premier Division on Sunday, kick off 2 p.m. Devasted by injuries and some other absentees, this Buccs outfit have really struggled to date but they will be hopeful of improving performances hereon as some of their walking wounded return to active service. 

BUCCANEERS SECONDS also face a tough test as well as a lengthy trip west to the Atlantic seaboard to take on Connemara in the Connacht Junior 1A League at Monastery Park, Clifden. This game on Sunday starts at 2.30 p.m. The Blacks are languishing second from bottom in this division but are capable of much better, especially on their own pitch where away victories are rare. On paper, Buccs look well capable of winning but they may be shorn some key players who could be called up to the Senior Cup side as the Pirates may not have any Connacht personnel available there. A Buccs win would keep them in the leading group here.  

BUCCANEERS THIRDS will be seeking a first win in the Connacht Junior 1C League when they host their Galwegians counterparts at Dubarry Park on Sunday, kick off 2.30 p.m. Both clubs are really struggling in this grade with Wegians bottom of the table, a fate spared Buccs by their slightly better scoring difference. Both sides will be extremely keen to move up the table, even a little, and with the keen rivalry between the clubs this basement battle should be a competitive contest.       



Sep 29           Greystones                                (a)           Q

Oct 4             Naas                                             (h)           Q

Oct 11          University College Dublin         (a)          L

Oct 18           Terenure College                       (h)           L

Nov 1            Lansdowne                                   (h)          L

Nov 8            Dublin University                        (a)          L

Nov 22         Blackrock College                        (h)          L  

Nov 29         Clontarf                                          (a)          L

Dec 6           Old Belvedere                               (h)          L


Jan 17        University College Dublin            (h)          L

Jan 24        Terenure College                           (a)           L

Jan 31        Lansdowne                                      (a)           L

Feb 14        Dublin University                           (h)          L

Feb 21       Blackrock College                           (a)          L

Mar 6         Clontarf                                             (h)          L

Mar 13       Old Belvedere                                 (a)          L

L = J.P.Fanagan Leinster U-20 League;    Q = qualifier.




Sep. 13    Corrib          (h)  Curley Cup quarter-final                

Sep. 20    Corrib           (a)           JL1C    

Sep. 27    Galwegians    (a)            JL1C         13.30  

Oct. 11    Dunmore       (h)            JL1C         13.30               

Oct. 18    Ballinrobe      (h)           JL1C    

Oct. 24    Curley Cup semi-final

Nov. 8     Claremorris    (a)           JL1C                                  

Nov. 15   Corrib           (h)           JL1C    

Nov. 22   Galwegians    (h)            JL1C                                     

Dec. 6    Dunmore       (a)             JL1C

Dec. 13   Ballinrobe      (a)             JL1C


Jan. 10     Claremorris   (h)             JL1C

Jan. 24    Junior Cup round one

Jan. 31    Junior Cup round two

Feb. 7     Junior Cup quater-final / Plate round one

Feb. 14   Junior Cup semi-final / Plate quarter-final

Feb. 21   Plate semi-final

Mar. 25   Curley Cup final                  (Good Friday)

Mar. 27   Junior Cup & Plate finals       (Easter Sunday)           

JL1C  = Connacht Junior League, Division 1C.Kick offs 14.30 except where stated.