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Club Executive and Committee 2018-19






President                                Gordon Ballantyne

Senior Vice-President            Patrick O’Meara

Junior Vice-President             Eamonn Collins

Hon. Secretary                      Michael Cleary

Hon. Treasurer                      

Media Officer                         Michael Silke

Facilities Chairperson           Patrick Hynes

Chairman of FootballBilly McMickan

Youths Secretary                  Derek Lackey

Minis Secretary                     Michael Dolan

Membership Registrar          Diarmuid Morrissey

Commercial & Marketing Chairperson        

Immediate Past President     Tom Meagher

Senior Representative to

Connacht Branch IRFU           Ray Fagan




Chairperson                            Diarmuid Morrissey

Fixtures Secretary                Patrick Whelan

Senior Head Coach                Peter O’Donnell

Assistant Coach                     Aidan Wynne

Senior Captain                       Shane Layden

Senior Vice Captain               John Sutton

Senior Manager                      Eamonn Collins

Assistant Manager                Michael Carroll

Senior Logistics                     Martin Webster

Physiotherapist                     Michael Donohoe

Assistant Physio                    Jack Mannion

Video Analyst                                    Brian Fitzgerald

U-20’s Coach                           Paul Byrne

U-20’s Assistant Coaches      Benny Gilligan and Tony Ennis

U-20’s Manager                      Joseph Browne

U-20’s Assistant Manager     Shay Rohan.

U-20’s Captain                        James Kelly

J1’s Coach                               Michael Harding

J1’s Manager                          Conor Moran

J1’s Captain                            Ross Flanagan

J1’s Vice-Captain                    Dean McMahon

Womens Coach                       Gerard Fallon

Womens Asst. Coach             Sabina Egan

Womens Manager                   Sandra Feary

Womens Asst. Manager         Aine Reilly

Womens Captain

Womens Vice-Captain

Results Co-Ordinator

Junior Representative to Connacht             Patrick Whelan

Youth Representative to Connacht                        Derek Lackey

Womens Representative to Connacht         Sandra Feary



U-18.5 Management Team     David Connolly, Tony Dolan and Paul Fogarty Snr.


U-17 Management Team        Niall Daly (manager), Tom O’Neill (asst. manager),

                                                Damien Shine and Kolo Kiripati.


U-16 Management Team        Thomas Colgan (manager), Patrick Kenny, Shane Layden and Derek Ryan.


U-15 Management Team        Francis McKiernan (manager), Adam Daly, Chris Neville and Nigel So.


U-14 Management Team        Shay Rohan (manager), Seamus Lyons, Charlie Couper, Brian Tallon, Paul Sheehan and Martin Joyce.


U-13 Management Team        Eugene Forde & Graham Heaslip (managers), Shane Naughton and John O’Carroll.


U-12 Management Team        Wesley Hudson, Paul Byrne and Peter Mahon.


U-11 Management Team        Alf Hunt, Darragh Stewart, Donal Brehony and Diarmuid Sloane.


U-10 Management Team        David Flynn, Paata Rikadze, John Murray and David Lowe.


U-9 Management Team          Brendan Wilkins, Paul Fleming and Niamh Gough.


U-8 Management Team          Ian Marais, David Buckley and Peter McGurk.


U-7 Management Team          Eimhin Griffiths and Michael Dolan.


U-18 Girls Management Team           Jude Lennon and Thomas Grehan


U-16 Girls Management Team           Mele Kiripati, Adil Kurt-Elli and Joseph Murray


Youths & Minis Coaching Co-Ordinator       Charlie Couper

Youths & Minis P.R.O.

Girls Co-Ordinator                 Mele Kiripati

Schools Representative

Athlone Institute of Technology Representative

Referees’ Affairs & Communications Officer

Safe-guarding Officer            Zantha Meyer

Health & Safety Officer        Patrick Hynes

Club Medical Officers            Dr. Anthony Lowry, Dr. Tom Meagher & Dr. Patrick O’Meara

Trustees                     Ted Carty, Anthony Lowry, Michael Silke & Patrick Whelan.




Club Administrator                Geraldine Kenny

Telephone       0861732711



Office Hours               Monday/Friday 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.


The Bounty Bar & Venue        0906477566




President                                                        Gordon Ballantyne

Senior Vice-President                                    Patrick O’Meara

Junior Vice-President                                    Eamonn Collins

Hon. Secretary                                              Michael Cleary

Assistant Secretary                                                 

Hon. Treasurer                                              

Assistant Treasurer                                                  

Media Officer                                                 Michael Silke

Chairperson of Football                                Billy McMickan

Youth Secretary                                            Derek Lackey

Minis Secretary                                             Michael Dolan

Facilities Chairperson                                   Patrick Hynes

Membership Registrar                                  Diarmuid Morrissey

Commercial & Marketing Chairperson                                

Senior Representative to Connacht

Branch IRFU                                                    Ray Fagan

Immediate Past President                            Tom Meagher


Chairperson                                                    Diarmuid Morrissey

Administrator                                                Geraldine Kenny



Telephone                                                       086-1732711

Office Hours           Monday/Friday 9.30 am to 3 pm

The Bounty                                         Telephone   090-6477566



President                                                                                Tom Meagher

Senior Vice-President                                                            Gordon Ballantyne

Junior Vice-President                                                             Patrick O’Meara

Hon. Secretary                                                                      Michael Cleary

Assistant Secretary                                                             

Hon. Treasurer                                                                       Claire Wyper

Assistant Treasurer                                                              

Media Officer                                                                        Michael Silke

Chairperson of Football                                                        Billy McMickan

Youth Secretary                                                                    Eamonn Collins

Minis Secretary                                                                     Wesley Hudson

Facilities Chairperson                                                           Patrick Hynes

Membership Registrar                                                         

Commercial & Marketing Chairperson                                

Senior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU               Ray Fagan

Immediate Past President                                                     Eddie Walsh






Executive Chairperson                                                          Diarmuid Morrissey

Fixtures Secretary                                                                Patrick Whelan

Junior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU                Patrick Whelan

Youth Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU                Eamonn Collins

Womens Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU            Mele Kiripati

Senior Coach                                                                          Darin Claasen

Assistant Coach                                                                     Mike McCarthy

Senior Manager                                                                      Thomas Conlon

Senior Assistant Manager                                                     Patrick Hynes

Senior Logistics                                                                     Martin Webster   

Senior Captain                                                                       Shane Layden

Physiotherapist                                                                     Michael Donohoe

Assistant Physio                                                                    Jack Mannion

Video Analyst                                                                        Cian O’Brien

U-20 Coach (Backs)                                                                 Johnny Murray          

U-20 Coach (Forwards)                                                           Ian Bloomer

U-20 Manager                                                                         Eamonn Collins

U-20 Assistant Managers                                          Thomas Farrelly & Keith Rowe

U-20 Captain                                                                          Brian Collins

Seconds Team Coach                                                            Alex Hayman             

Seconds Team Asst. Coach                                                   Sean McKeon             

Seconds Team Manager                                                        Joseph McEntegart  

Seconds Team Captain                                                          Sean Flynn

Womens Coach                                                                       Gerard Fallon            

Womens Assistant Coach                                                     

Womens Manager                                                                   Sandra Feary             

Womens Captain                                                                    Lorna Stuart-Trainor

Womens Asst. Captain                                                           Sabina Egan

Results Co-Ordinator                                                            Patrick Whelan



U-18 Management Team                                John Doyle, Benny Gilligan, Tony Ennis & Shay Rohan      

U-17 Management Team                                David Connolly, Paul Fogarty Senior & Tony Dolan                                              

U-16 Management Team                                Niall Daly, Damien Shine & Kolo Kiripati    

U-15 Management Team                                BLACKS:- Keith Farnan, Derek Ryan & Tom Colgan

                                                                        YELLOWS:- Paddy Kenny & Paul Fogarty, Junior                             

U-14 Management Team                                BLACKS:- Frank McKiernan, Clem Higginbotham & Daniel O’Meara

                                                                        YELLOWS:- Adam Daly & Gary O’Loughlin   

U-13 Management Team                                BLACKS:- Shay Rohan, Martin Joyce & Paul Sheehan

                                                                        YELLOWS:- Brian Tallon, Mark Petrie & Seamus Lyons

U-12 Management Team                                Graham Heaslip, Eugene Forde, Shane Naughton, John O’Carroll & Declan Dolan                                                 

U-11 Management Team                                Wesley Hudson, Paul Byrne, Karl Henson & Pete Mahon

U-10 Management Team                                Alfie Hunt, Darragh Stewart, Donie Brehony & Trevor Walshe

U-9 Management Team                                  David Flynn, Paata Rikadze, John Murray & David Lowe

U-8 Management Team                                  Paul Fleming, Brendan Wilkins & Michael Mulvihill

U-7 Management Team                                  Michael Dolan, Ian Marais & Nigel So


Youth & Mini Coaching Co-Ordinator          Charlie Couper

Schools Representative                                Donal Scannell

Youths/Minis P.R.O.                                      

Girls Minis Co-Ordinator                               Mele Kiripati

A.I.T. Representative                                                             Charlie Couper

Referees’ Affairs & Communications Officer                       David Connolly

Safe-guarding Officer                                                            Jacqui Leech

Disciplinary Officer                                                              

Health & Safety Officer                                                        Raymond Fagan

Club Medical Officers                                    Dr. Anthony Lowry, Dr. Patrick O’Meara & Dr. Tom Meagher

Trustees                                                         Ted Carty, David Egan, Anthony Lowry, Michael Silke & Patrick Whelan 



Administrator                                                           Geraldine Kenny



Telephone                                                                   086-1732711

Office Hours                                                   Monday/Friday 9.30 am to 3 pm

The Bounty                                                                 Telephone   090-6477566














Buccaneers RFC membership form 2016/2017

All subscriptions due by 31st October 2016


Family Name______________________________________________________________________________________



  Player _______________     _____ _                                  DOB__________________   



 Player signature ____________________Contact No.______________________         School ____________





Home Contact No.______________________                   Contact email_______________________________________


Emergency Contact Number(s). ______________




Include all details that may be relevant in dealing with your child such as allergies, medication, special needs, behavioural issues etc.  (Further information maybe required depending on condition.)






Doctor’s Name          __________________                        Contact No. _____________________________ 



1).   Play for enjoyment and become part of the rugby family. 

2).   Respect the ‘Game of Rugby’ and play within the Laws of the Game.

3).   Accept the referee’s decision and let your captain or coach ask any relevant questions. 

4).   Play with control. Do not lose your temper.

5).   Always do your best and be committed to the game, your team and your club. 

6).   Be a ‘good sport’. Applaud all good play whether by your team or the opposition. 

7).   Respect your opponent. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not ‘bully’ or take advantage of any player. 

8).    Rugby is a team sport and make sure you co-operate with your coach; team mates and members of your club. 

9).    Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good. 

10).  At the end of the match thank your opponents and the referee for the match. 

11).  Always remember that you owe a duty of care to your opponents. Tackle hard but fairly; do not intend to hurt your opponent.

12).  Winning and losing is part of sport: Win with humility – lose with dignity. 

13).  As part of the team it is important that you attend training regularly and listen to your coach and help your team.

14).  As a team sport it is important to understand that all members are important to the team!

15).  Remember you are representing your team, club, family and the Game of Rugby.



 In line with club policy, no player will be allowed to train or represent Buccaneers rugby club after the 31st of October 2015 if their subscription is not paid.





Insurance coverage in the form Group Personal Accident Scheme for Clubs arranged by the IRFU and issued by Aviva Insurance limited is included as part of your membership.  A summary of the terms and conditions of the policy is posted on the club noticeboard / website.


 The Executive Committee and the Club draw your attention to the terms, conditions and limitations of the policy and advise that additional coverage should be sought if required.  Additional Voluntary Top-Up cover is available directly from the IRFU's insurance brokers, AON and through many schools.  


I have read the above and accept the terms and conditions including the terms and conditions of the policy offered.


SIGNED ______________________   DATE ________________________                       



PARENTAL CONSENT                            


I [PRINT NAME] _________________________ parent or guardian of the above named Age-Grade player have full authority and hereby consent to his/her participation in club activities and to receive appropriate information through text, email and social media.  I acknowledge that the club is not responsible for providing adult supervision except for formal age-grade coaching, matches and competitions.  If selected on representative teams, I am satisfied my child will comply with IRFU and ISC anti-doping procedures and that the Union/Branch will receive all the relevant information contained on this form.  I authorise the club to make appropriate travel arrangements and understand that photographs/videos will be taken at or during rugby/club events and may be used for training, promotion of the game or otherwise where approved by the Club Executive. 

I have read and agree to abide by the IRFU Parent's Code of Conduct and I agree that my child will abide by the Age-Grade Player's Code of Conduct.


SIGNED ______________________  DATE ________________________




LEPRACHAUNS                                         (Age 7 and Under)                                      €40

MINI PLAYER                                               (Age 8 – Age 12)                                         €70

YOUTHS & FULL TIME STUDENTS           (U13s – U19s)                                        €80

ADULT / ADULT PLAYER                          (U20s – Senior)                                         €120


FAMILY (Parents & Children U18)                                                    

With 2Players                                                                                                           €120  

With 3             Players                                                                                               €160                         


(Separate form available on request)  SINGLE  €180          FAMILY  €200              PENSIONERS      €140

Special offer:- 5 years Pirates Membership only €1,000…...and get 6th year FREE!


Completed forms together with the appropriate fee should be returned to Team Manager or our Administrator Geraldine Kenny at the Club – 086 1732711 or 

Credit Card Payment     Contact Geraldine on 086 1732711

Cheques payable to Buccaneers



President                                                                    Eddie Walsh

Senior Vice-President                                                Mark O’Reilly

Junior Vice-President                                                 Tom Meagher

Hon. Secretary                                                           Padraig Ryan

Assistant Secretary                                                   Paddy Kenny

Hon. Treasurer                                                            Damien Phelan

Assistant Treasurer                                                              

Media Officer                                                              Michael Silke

Chairperson of Football                                             Billy McMickan

Youth Secretary                                                         John Waters

Minis Secretary                                                           Wesley Hudson

Facilities Chairperson                                                 Patrick Hynes

Membership Registrar                                                John Doyle

Commercial & Marketing Chairperson                      Yvonne O’Shea

Senior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU     Ray Fagan Immediate Past President                                           Joe Browne






Executive Chairperson                                              Diarmuid Morrissey

Fixtures Secretary                                                     Patrick Whelan

Junior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU     Patrick Whelan

Youth Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU     John Waters

Womens Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU  Mele Kiripati

Senior Coach                                                                Brett Wilkinson

Assistant Coach                                                           Darin Claasen

Senior Manager                                                            Thomas Conlon

Senior Assistant Manager                                           Patrick Hynes

Senior Logistics                                                           Martin Webster   

Senior Captain                                                             Kolo Kiripati

Senior Vice-Captain                                                     Shane Layden

Physiotherapist                                                           Michael Donohoe

Assistant Physio                                                          Jack Mannion

Video Analyst                                                              Cian O’Brien

U-20 Coach (Forwards)                                               Ian Bloomer             

U-20 Coach (Backs)                                                     Johnny Murray

U-20 Manager                                                              Eamonn Collins

U-20 Assistant Managers                         Thomas Farrelly & Keith Rowe

U-20 Captain                                                               Brian Collins

Seconds Team Coach                                                 Garreth Halligan

Seconds Team Manager                                             Conor Moran

Seconds Team Logistics                                  Tony Hanevy

Seconds Team Captain                                    Rory Grenham                   

Womens Coach                                                           Sean Byrne    

Womens Assistant Coach                                          Gerard Fallon

Womens Manager                                                     Mele Kiripati Womens Captain                                                        Hazel Kilduff

Womens Asst. Captains                      Heather Sheridan & Niamh Gough

Strength & Conditioning Coach                              Darin Claasen

Results Co-Ordinator                                               Patrick Whelan          

A.I.T. Representative                                               Charlie Couper

Referees’ Affairs & Communications Officer         David Connolly

Safe-guarding Officer                                              Jacqui Leech Disciplinary Officer                                                 Padraig Ryan

Health & Safety Officer                                          Raymond Fagan

Club Medical Officer                                               Dr. Anthony Lowry

Trustees                                                         Ted Carty, David Egan, Anthony Lowry, Michael Silke & Patrick Whelan


U-18 Management Team                                Paddy Kenny, Padraig Slevin, Paul Byrne, David Dunning, Eoin Slevin & Ann-Marie Slevin.  


U-17 Management Team                                John Doyle (Manager), Shay Rohan, Tony Ennis, Derek Ryan & Benny Gilligan.         


U-16 Management Team                                David Connolly, Tony Dolan, Paddy Doran, Larry Fallon & Paul Fogarty, Snr.


U-15 Management Team                                John Waters, Niall Daly & Damien Shine.     


U-14 Management Team                                Keith Farnan, Derek Ryan & Thomas Colgan.


U-13 Management Team                                Mark Henshaw & Barry Smith.  


U-12 Management Team                                Martin Joyce (Manager), Brian Tallon, Paul Sheehan & Cathal O’Shea


U-11 Management Team                                Graham Heaslip (Manager), Eugene Forde, John O’Carroll & Declan Dolan (Coaches)


U-10 Management Team                                Wesley Hudson (Manager), Paul Fogarty, Jnr., Peter Mahon & Karl Henson (Coaches)


U-9 Management Team                                  Alfred Hunt (Manager), Diarmuid Sloane & Darragh Stewart (Coaches)


U-8 Management Team                                  David Flynn (Manager) & Paata Rikadze (Coach)


U-7 Management Team                                  Michael Dolan (Manager) & David Flynn (Coach)


Youth & Mini Coaching Co-Ordinator          Charlie Couper

Schools Representative                                Donal Scannell

Youths/Minis P.R.O.                                       Tom O’Neill

Girls U-18s                                                      Hazel Kilduff & Christine Mannion

Girls U-15s                                                      Mele Kiripati

Girls U-12s                                                      Majella Murray




Administrator                                               Geraldine Kenny



Telephone                                                                   086-1732711

Office Hours                                         Monday/Friday 9.30 am to 3 pm

The Bounty                                                     Telephone   090-6477566







Executive Committee 2015-16

       CLUB OFFICERS 2015/2016


President                   Joe Browne

Senior Vice-President      Eddie Walsh

Junior Vice-President      Mark O’Reilly

Hon. Secretary            Padraig Ryan

Assistant Secretary       Anthony Henshaw

Hon. Treasurer             Gerard McLaughlin

Assistant Treasurer       Claire Wyper

Media Officer              Michael Silke

Chairperson of Football   Jude Lennon

Youth Secretary           Patrick Kenny

Minis Secretary            Brian Tallon

Facilities Chairperson     Patrick Hynes

Membership Registrar    John Doyle

Commercial & Marketing Chairperson            Yvonne O’Shea

Senior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU      Ted Carty

Immediate Past President        Ray Fagan

Nominee to the IRFU              Leo Galvin




Director of Rugby               Jude Lennon

Fixtures Secretary              Patrick Whelan

Junior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU  Patrick Whelan

Youth Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU  Patrick Kenny

Womens Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU  Mele Kiripati

Senior Coach                    Brett Wilkinson

Assistant Coach                 Danie Poolman

Senior Manager                 Thomas Conlon

Senior Assistant Manager      Patrick Hynes

Senior Logistics                 Martin Webster   

Senior Captain                   Martin Staunton

Senior Vice-Captain              Kolo Kiripati

Strength & Conditioning Coach   Darin Claasen

Physiotherapist                 Michael Donohoe

Assistant Physio                 Jack Mannion

Video Analyst                    Cian O’Brien

U-20 Coach                       Derek Lackey

U-20 Assistant Coach            Eoghan O’Reilly

U-20 Manager                    Tom Farrell

U-20 Asst. Manager              Jacqui Leech

U-20 Captain                     Cillian Walsh

U-20 Vice-Captain               Ross Flanagan

U-20 Physio                      Kieran Joyce

U-20 Kit/Logistics                                                  

Seconds Coach                  Kolo Kiripati

Seconds Manager               Conor Moran

Seconds Assistant Coach       Benny Gilligan           

Seconds Team Captain         Brian Campbell

Seconds Vice-Captain          David Fagan

Thirds Coach                                                        

Thirds Manager                                                       

Thirds Captain                                                            

Womens Coach                 Raymond Fagan        

Womens Assistant Coach     Joseph McEntegart

Womens Manager             Roisin Carlin

Womens Captain              Christine Mannion     

Results Co-Ordinator         Patrick Whelan  

Player Registrar              Geraldine Kenny

A.I.T. Representative         Jude Lennon

Referees’ Affairs & Communications Officer    David Connolly

Safe-guarding Officer        Paul Fogarty, Jnr.

Disciplinary Officer          Padraig Ryan

Health & Safety Officer      Raymond Fagan

Club Medical Officer         Dr. Anthony Lowry

Trustees                      Ted Carty, David Egan, Anthony Lowry, Michael Silke & Patrick Whelan

U-18 Management Team                     David Henshaw, Craig Milling, Eoin Slevin, Paul Byrne.                       

U-17 Management Team                     Patrick Kenny, Paul Brosnan, Padraig Slevin.                

U-16 Management Team                     Paul Byrne, John Doyle, David Dunning, Tony Ennis.                    

U-15 Management Team                     Nick Purcell, Patrick Doran, Larry Fallon, Damien Larkin, David Connolly, Paul Fogarty (Snr).                                   

U-14 Management Team                     John Waters, Niall Daly, Niamh Ni Dhroma, Paul Hamilton.           

U-13 Management Team                     Keith Farnan, Derek Ryan, Anthony Duignan.

U-12 Management Team                     Diarmuid Sloane (Manager), Mark Henshaw, Barry Smith, Donnie Breheny, Frank McKiernan               

U-11 Management Team                     Martin Joyce (Manager), Paul Sheehan, Brian Tallon, David Heavey, Francis Kearney        

U-10 Management Team                     Eugene Forde (Manager), Graham Heaslip, John O’Carroll, Declan Dolan, Shane Naughton

U-9 Management Team                       Wesley Hudson (Manager), Paul Fogarty (Jnr), Karl Henson, Tigran Mhitarjans, Peter Mahon

U-8 Management Team                       Alf Hunt (Manager), Darragh Stewart

U-7 Management Team                       David Flynn, Paata Rikadze, Joe Hurley, Michael Dolan 

Youths/Minis P.R.O.                          Tom O’Neill

Girls Minis Co-Ordinator                     Mele Kiripati

Girls Coaches                                 Maj Carroll (U-12s) 

Administrator                                Geraldine Kenny



Telephone       086-1732711

Office Hours    Monday/Friday 9.30 am to 3 pm

The Bounty      Telephone   090-6477566






Buccaneers Code of Conduct

Download the code of conduct for playes, coaches and spectators

Club Constitution of Buccaneers Rugby Football Club

Download a copy of our club constitution by clicking on the link below.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
Statement and Policy

This policy outlines the commitment of Buccaneers Rugby Football Club to social inclusions and non-discrimination for all members, players, volunteers and visitors to the club at Dubarry Park.

The club is committed to operating in accordance and within the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000 which outlaws discrimination in employment, vocational training, advertising, collective agreements, the provision of goods and services and other opportunities to which the public generally have access to on the club grounds. These are Gender, Marital Status, Family Status, Age, Disability, Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious Belief and Membership of Traveller Community.

Discrimination is described in the Act as the treatment of a person in a less favorable way than another person, has been treated on the club grounds. The club is inclusive of all minority groups.

The club is committed as a matter of policy to ensuring that all members of the community are fully included in its activities.
It is the policy of the club that no member will be discriminated on the grounds of race, religion, ethnicity or any other reason. Committee members, team managers and coaches are encouraged to support and encourage participation by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Padraig Ryan

Honorary Secretary

BUCCANEERS RFC Executive Committee & Club Officers 2014-15


       CLUB OFFICERS 2014/2015


President                              Ray Fagan

Senior Vice-President                 Joseph Browne

Junior Vice-President                  Eddie Walshe

Hon. Secretary                        Mark O’Reilly

Assistant Secretary                  Patrick Kenny

Hon. Treasurer                        Gerard McLaughlin

Assistant Treasurer                   Claire Wyper

Media Officer                          Michael Silke

Chairperson of Football               Claire Wyper

Youth Secretary                       Paul Brosnan

Minis Secretary                        Brian Tallon

Facilities Chairperson                 Michael Cleary

Membership Registrar                Ken Flanagan

Commercial & Marketing Chairperson            Yvonne O’Shea

Nominee to the IRFU                   Leo Galvin

Trustees Representative             Michael Silke

Ex-Officio                              Frank Sheeran

Senior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU       Ted Carty



Fixtures Secretary                       Patrick Whelan

Junior Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU                Patrick Whelan

Youth Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU                Paul Brosnan

Womens Representative to Connacht Branch IRFU           

Senior Coach                                                                          Tony Dolan

Assistant Coach                                                                     Paul Flanagan

Senior Manager                                                                      Cian Moran

Senior Assistant Manager                                                     Martin Webster 

Senior Logistics                                                                     Brian Kelly

Senior Captain                                                                       Alex Hayman

Senior Physios                                                Michael Donohoe & Jack Mannion

Video Analyst                                                                                    Cian O’Brien

U-20 Coach                                                                             Jude Lennon

U-20 Assistant Coach/Co-Ordinator                                    Derek Lackey

U-20 Manager                                                                         Patrick Hynes

U-20 Captain                                                                           Evan Galvin

U-20 Physio                                                                             Ciaran Joyce

U-20 Kit/Logistics                                                                  Tommy Farrell           

Seconds Team Coach                                                            Owen O’Reilly

Seconds Team Manager                                                        Conor Moran

Seconds Team Asst. Manager                                               Tony Hanevy             

Seconds Team Captain                                                          Sean Byrne

Seconds Team Kit/Logistics                                                

Development Team Physio                                                  

Thirds Coach                                                                          Conor Galvin

Thirds Manager                                                                     

Thirds Captain                                                                       Nick Purcell               

Thirds Kit/Logistics                                                             

Womens Coach                                                                      

Womens Assistant Coach                                         

Womens Manager                                                                   Richard Hickey

Womens Captain                                                                    Emer Phelan

Womens Asst. Captain                                                           Sandra Griffin

Strength & Conditioning Coach                                           David King

Club Conditioning Coach                                                      David Fagan

Club Skills Coach Forwards                                                   David Henshaw

Results Co-Ordinator                                                                        Patrick Whelan

Football Co-Ordinator                                                          Michael Carroll          

Management Co-Ordinator                                                   Cian Moran

Player Registrar                                                                    

A.I.T. Representative                                                             Charlie Couper

Safe-guarding Officer                                                            Paul Fogarty

Disciplinary Officer                                                               Mark O’Reilly

Health & Safety Officer                                                        Ray Fagan

Medical Officer                                                                      Dr. Tony Lowry

Referees’ Affairs & Communications Officer                       David Connolly

Trustees                                                         Ted Carty, David Egan, Anthony Lowry, Michael Silke & Patrick Whelan


U-18 Management Team                                Joe Browne (Manager), Billy McMickan                  (coach), Tom Reilly                                                           

U-17 Management Team                                David Henshaw, Craig Worley, Pearse Connell       


U-16 Management Team                                Paul Brosnan (Manager), Paddy Kenny, Michael McBrearty, Padraig Slevin 


U-15 Management Team                                John Doyle (Manager), Paul Byrne, Andrew Lomas, David Dunning            


U-14 Management Team                                Damian Larkin (Manager), Conor Galvin, Nick Purcell, Paddy Doran


U-13 Management Team                                Paul Fogarty, Paul Hamilton, Niall Daly, John Waters


U-12 Management Team                                Keith Farnan (Manager), Derek Ryan, Wesley Hudson


U-11 Management Team                                Diarmuid Sloane (Manager), Mark Henshaw, Barry Smith, Donnie Breathnach, Frank McKiernan


U-10 Management Team                                Martin Joyce (Manager), Paul Sheehan, Brian Tallon, David Heavey, Francis Kearney


U-9 Management Team                                  Eugene Forde (Manager), Graham Heaslip, John O’Carroll, Declan Dolan, Shane Naughton


U-8 Management Team                                  Wesley Hudson (Manager), Paul Fogarty, Karl Henson, Tigrans Mhitarjans


U-7 Management Team                                  David Flynn (Manager), Darragh Stewart, Alf Hunt, Paata Rikadze, Joe Hurley


Girls U-10/12 Management Team                 Yvonne O’Shea, Niamh Ni Dhroma, Laura Hannon


Girls U-6/9 Management Team                     Lisa McCormack, Nikki Fogarty, Joe Hurley


Girls Co-Ordinator                                         Mele Tuimauga Kiripati

Youth & Mini Coaching Co-Ordinator          Charlie Couper

Schools Representative                                Donal Scannell

Youth/Minis/Girls P.R.O.                               Thomas O’Neill


Administrator                                                            Geraldine Kenny



Telephone                                                                   086-1732711

Office Hours            Monday/Thursday 9.30 am to 3 pm; Fridays 9.30 am to 1 pm

The Bounty                                                                 Telephone   090-6477566